Email Training

25 Lessons

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Email training to get the best from email marketing

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Course Structure

What Is Email Marketing

Email marketing and what it is


What autoresponders to use

Self Hosted

How self hosted systems work

Overview of Building Your List

Overview of building your list

Social Media

Building your list with social media

Solo Ads

Building your list with solo ads

Paids Ads

Building your list with paid ads


Building your list with launches

Affiliate Campaigns

Using affiliate campaigns


What is DKIM

SPF Records

What are SPF records


What are DMARC records

What You Need To Add

What you need to add

Data Cleaning

Cleaning your lists

Spam Traps

How to avoid spam traps

Getting The Email Correct

Making sure the email is correct

Do’s and Don’ts

What to do and not to do in email marketing

Getting The Best Results

How to get the best results

List Segmentation

Segmenting your list

Best Email Times

What are the best times to mail


Automating your email marketing

Emails Opens

Getting your emails opened

Email Whitelisting

Getting your emails whitelisted

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